Moesha Boduong’s alleged sponsor reports HIV scandal to the police


Ghana-based Nigerian businessman and CEO of Madhaus Entertainment, Mr. Livingston Aik Abani, has ended his quiet on reports that he is intentionally relegating cash and HIV to urgent kill rulers.

As per reports, one of the urgent kill rulers Mr. Aik has disparaged is Moesha Boduong, along these lines, claims were made that he likely contaminated the performing artist with the infection as well.

In production by, Mr. Aik whom Shatta Wale depicts as his guardian and previous has exposed the reports that he is HIV positive by sharing a lab test result which indicates he is negative.

As per the site, Mr. Aik further challenged those behind the claim to turn out publically than to rather utilize apparition online life records to discolor his picture.

“The individual behind it and the ones posting should quit being weak and moved into the open if there’s the fact to their claims. You can’t take cover behind Social media life handles and stain somebody’s picture” he said. further expressed that the Ghana-based Nigerian specialist has likewise referenced that he has detailed the issue to the Ghana Police.

See Mr. Aik’s HIV test result below.


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