Marijuana is good,We should use it ,nothing wrong with it – Prophet Kumchacha


The call for the legalization of weed (popularly called wee) here in Ghana is getting louder by the day with prominent Ghanaians and celebrities lending their voice to the call.

Prominent righteous man, prophet Kumchacha has added his voice to the progressing banter.

The dubious righteous man remark returns on the of the remark Rev. Abbeam Danso made already such that ministers should quit lecturing against cannabis in light of the fact that the Bible never denounced it in any of its pages.

Talking on the issue, Prophet Kumchacha noticed that Marijuana is utilized to fix ailments so there’s nothing amiss with its utilization.

“Pot is utilized to fix diseases. Simply that the maltreatment of it is the issue. The utilization of cocaine and weed isn’t evil.”, Prophet Kumchacha said.


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