Joyce Dzidzor is not intelligent – Okraku Mantey


Leader of Creative Arts Council, Mark Okraku Mantey, isn’t persuaded previous HIV and AIDS minister Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is wise as a few people see her to be.

Imprint, who was talking on Hitz FM on Tuesday Morning, depicted Joyce Dzidzor as somebody who just looks for consideration with the intent to be prominent.

“I think she needs to end up prominent. I have been observing her throughout the years; nearly everything that she does is to inspire individuals to discuss her over months. Some of them are grimy,” he expressed.

A video making rounds via web-based networking media throughout the end of the week caught Dzidzor Joyce on board a train asking for assets from the travelers.

Talking mockingly to those travelers, she said Ghana is in desperate need of assets to set up a congregation “for Jesus Christ to come and live in Ghana since we have excessively (sic) issues.”

“We don’t have enough schools for the youngsters, we don’t have enough drinking water, we don’t have ambulances so when individuals fall wiped out they bite the dust,” she included.

The greater part of Ghanaians found the video hostile as it mocks the nation, and Mark is one of such individuals.

“You chose to move Ghana in this structure and you went this low to scorn Ghana overlooking that your nation first… the Akans have a truism that you don’t point your home with a left finger. So regardless of how awful it is, you take care of your issues inside. You don’t go out there and pitch the entire nation to the world as though we don’t have the foggiest idea of what we are about. It is somewhat lamentable she is an innovative individual and this is the manner by which she gives inventive individuals a compensation back and we should demonstrate our dissent this isn’t the way we imaginative individuals think,” he expressed.

He proceeded, “On the off chance that she supposes she has thoughts … accomplish more pieces on jungle fever, individuals tossing oranges through vehicle windows, and so on. There is a lot of issues she can utilize acting to understand rather than this. I think she needs to end up well known. I have been checking her throughout the years; nearly everything that she does is to motivate individuals to discuss her over months. Some of them are extremely messy. Thus it requires investment to accept her as a genuine individual regardless of whether she has good intentions. I never talk about her issues however this except one,” he included.

Preceding Mark’s announcement, Joyce Dzidzor was on Hitz FM guaranteeing that and she is an extremely astute individual who knows precisely what she is about throughout everyday life.


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