I’m replacing all images and statues of Jesus with mine – Obinim declares


Dubious TV preacher, Bishop Daniel Obinim has uncovered that he will from now on supplant pictures and statues of Jesus Christ with his since he has the stuff to be in such a position.

“Holy messenger Obinim I should remain alive… I should make my image, I should make my statue since I love the blessing I have. It is somewhat shocking Jesus is dead in the event that he was alive I would not enable anybody to wash his garments I will do that without anyone’s help. The sort of otherworldly endowments I have gotten from him isn’t simple”, he uncovered amid a live administration at his Tema branch.

A year ago, Angel Obinim unveiled that he is seeking to progressed toward becoming God after at first being appointed as a heavenly attendant which has given him the other-worldly powers, reason he can feast and wine with lead celestial hosts like Gabriel.

He uncovered that he got those forces through a fantasy where God gave them to him and uncovered that upon agreeable lead he will progress toward becoming God and will have forces to progressively exceptional things.

“The celestial blessing I have gotten, on the off chance that I am dependable to my dad Jesus he will give me Exodus Chapter 7. God disclosed to Moses you are God. What he says is conclusive. The following blessing will be Jesus announcing me as a God and that is conclusive. I can direction cash and different things”, he boasted.

The originator and pioneer of the International Godways Church said he will change his title from Angel to God in light of the fact that there are many individuals in the nation with numerous titles however don’t work as per those awards.


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