I will pay big for your love – Nigerian rapper tells Efia Odo


Amidst the unnecessary hype going to our female celebrities from this notorious Snapchat user, Nigerian rapper by name ThreeThree talks about how he plans on winning the heart of the Kwese TV presenter Efia Odo

Amid an ongoing meeting with him, ThreeThree uncovered to Black Legendary TV Efia Odo has for quite a while being his female VIP pound

ThreeThree says however he hasn’t met the performing artist face to face, he prefers her so much and would do anything, even pay $5000 to win her heart.

“I cherish everything about that young lady Efia Odo particularly when she grins it brings an entire diverse sentiment of affection to me. In spite of the bits of gossip about her being shabby, I like her identity in such huge numbers of ways this by itself can’t let my affections for her blur away”, ThreeThree expressed.

Inquired as to whether he has gotten the opportunity to reveal to Efia how he feels, ThreeThree said he got to Ghana in the no so distant past and consequently, he hasn’t possessed the capacity to sit down to talk with her yet whenever they both meet face to face, he will converse with her about this.

Elsewhere in the world, Efia Odo is by all accounts in adoration with a sugar daddy. In a video coursing on the web, the performing artist was caught presenting this person by name Jeezy to the world.

ThreeThree at long last said he is going to discharge his EP with the greater part of the affection tunes committed to Efia Odo since he had her at the top of the priority list when keeping in touch with them.

You can pursue the rapper on his social media pages

IG @three3ng

FB – ThreeThree


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