I will never perform ‘Scopatumana’ again – Patapaa


Ghanaian hiplife craftsman, Justice Amoah, prevalently referred to in showbiz as Patapaa has disjoined ties with the ‘Daavi ne ba’ hitmaker, Kawoula Biov, saying he(Patapaa) will never play out his piece of the drifting melody on any stage again, ABC News Ghana can report.

As indicated by Patapaa, all he at any point did was to acknowledge the Kawoula Biov’s welcome to help make the tune a danceable hit track yet because of what he depicts as the selfish idea of Kawoula, genuine name Kwame Aglamey, he will never again advance the melody on any stage he mounts.

“I will never perform with the tune again, I would prefer even not to hear the melody again and I would prefer even not to hear his tunes in my ears again in light of the fact that when somebody accomplishes something for you, you need to indicate appreciation. So on the off chance that you are approaching offending me that what I did has no sense in it, I would be blunt, I am extremely stung. It’s alright if my ability to help him has turned betrayed me,” Patapaa bemoaned.

News assembled by ABC News Ghana determines that, Kawoula Biov at first took to the media to express his failure in Patapaa for neglecting to give him acknowledge just as remember him as the cerebrum behind the tune, each time he(Patapaa) performed it.

Patapaa up to this point had remained quiet on the issue however seemed to have had enough of the ‘affronts’ as he hit back in this meeting observed by ABC News Ghana. He says he has never ‘stolen’ any melody as is being affirmed by Kawoula Biov and individuals from his supervisory crew.

“I need Ghanaians to comprehend that I have never stolen his melody. It is simply Ghanaians who cherish me and chose to begin a test with my piece of the melody. I have such a significant number of tunes of my own so I won’t assume praise for somebody’s tune,” he expressed in the meeting checked by ABC News Ghana.

The distressed ‘One Corner’ hit marker again clarified, “I have never taken his melody to perform anyplace, and I have never advanced my piece of the tune and left his. He is the person who took his video to the media for them to play. Furthermore, anything you are doing, if there’s a senior in it, the thing will slant. Possibly it is through me that God chosen to favor him.”

Patapaa further exhorted up and coming specialists to indicate appreciation if a ‘major’ craftsman chooses to include on their melody and make it a hit.

“I need to tell the up and coming artistes that in the event that you get somebody on your tune and he makes it a hit, at that point you ought to express gratitude toward God,” he said.

Notwithstanding the appearing fight between the two craftsmen who sorted the tune out, Ghanaians seem unperturbed as they keep on taking part in the slanting ‘Scopatumana’ challenge.


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