I will never insult Medikal – Sister Derby


Artist, Sister Derby, not happy with news making the rounds that a tweet she set up on Saturday, February 2, was a diss against her ex, Medikal.

Sister Derby had tweeted, “That your boy dierrr, falaa supervisor” which has been loosely interpreted as the ‘boy is cheap’.

News websites ran the story that she was referring to Medikal but the Pure Water singer says the tweet was taken out of context as it is a line in a song.

Using Twitter again to account for herself, Sister Derby said she has and will never insult her ex (Medikal). She included that, if nothing about what resulted among her and the AMG rapper did make her insult him after the separation, she didn’t see why she should start now.

In the tweet, Sister Derby said there are individuals who need to see she and her ex-battle about their separation yet that will never happen.

The following is the tweet:

Sister Derby and Medikal were together for some years before the relationship ended last year. She released Kakalika Love, shortly after the breakup and the song, seen as a diss against Medikal, has blown up.

The Uncle Obama singer said Kakalika Love had opened up new opportunities for her and last year, she was busy during the Christmas season giving performances at many shows.

Sister Derby, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Publishing Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, said this year is going to be quite busy for her since she has a lot of projects up her sleeves.


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