GETFund contractors delays affecting studies – Aburi Presbyterian SHS


The administration of the Presbyterian Senior High Technical School in Aburi has said the deferral of the GETFund contractual worker taking a shot at a 12-unit classroom square and a two-story quarter in the school is affecting contrarily on the school

The school with a populace of 2,865 has needed to change over the school’s eating and get together corridors into classrooms.

More than 400 understudies in the school as of now don’t have a desk, which has made instructing and learning a noteworthy cerebral pain for the two instructors and understudies.

As per school specialists, endeavors to achieve the contractual worker who has relinquished the task for as long as three years has demonstrated useless.

Tending to a get-together at the school’s Founders Day address, the director of the school, David Odjidja, demonstrated that the lazy demeanor of the contractual worker had declined the weight of the school.

“Right now the school enlistment is 2,864 with 125 alumni instructors and 68 non-showing staff, despite the fact that the frame 2 understudies are home we are packed. The school has a capability of making it and turning into the best yet the skyscraper in understudies populace as of late without a comparing increment in foundation gas exasperated the effectively awful conditions ruining educating and learning.”

“We have insufficient classrooms as classes are being held in the school’s get together corridor, and we have likewise changed over the entire eating lobby into a classroom square. As of now, we have a deficiency of 13 unit of classroom and one can envision how scholarly function can be powerful. We additionally have a blockage at our quarters particularly at the young men’s side, we trust that the two GETFUND ventures when finished will spare the circumstance, however tragically the temporary worker has deserted the undertaking and it is extremely unlikely connecting with him.

Mr. Odjidja added that a few understudies go to class without work areas.

“We have a major issue with furniture, as I talk currently despite the fact that the second year understudies are not here more than 400 understudies don’t have work area in the classroom, the circumstance turns out to be extremely awful at night amid prep hours as understudies who should go for prep battle to get furniture for their private examinations”.

Mr. David Odjidja additionally demonstrated that the insufficient educators’ cabin on grounds is influencing the checking of the understudies.

” With more than 2000 understudies in the lodging yet the school isn’t appropriately fenced, so encroachers continue interfering at odd hours, we don’t likewise have staff cabins similarly as with the more than 250 instructors just 12 areas of now on grounds with bungalow’s, and it is exceptionally testing checking understudies”.

“We are anyway cheerful that when the above difficulties are met this school will be over the various schools”.


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