Daddy Lumba Junior is dead


KOFO TV has recently affirmed that Daddy Lumba Junior otherwise known as Anokye Supremo is dead. He kicked the bucket in comma today, 30th January 2019 India after he had gone for a cerebrum tumor medical procedure.

The medical procedure was fruitful however Lumba Junior sunk into a trance-like state a while later and has been in a trance-like state from that point forward. Kofi Adoma of Kofi TV broke the news a couple of minutes back.

As of now, he is at the family place of Lumba Junior conversing with the group of the late performer who took Daddy Lumba as his guide.

It is presently not clear what may have prompted his passing regardless of confirmation from his specialists that the activity was effective.


Anokye Supremo was battling for his life at the Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Mukundapur in India subsequent to experiencing medical procedure to expel a tumor in his mind.

As indicated by reports from KOFI TV, the artiste had been in a trance-like state for some days since the activity, with the Surgeons trusting he resuscitated as quickly as time permits.

The artiste, in the past known as Daddy Lumba Jr., was determined to have the affliction when he began encountering a serious cerebral pain which he thought was a headache.

Upon a visit to the emergency clinic, he was let it know was a tumor. He started to feel torments in his left eye which later prompted visual impairment in a similar eye.

In a meeting with Citinewsroom, he stated, “It began in October and I thought it was a headache. I went to the clinic and was told I had a tumor in my mind which has caused an augmentation in my left eye,” he said.

Specialists at the Rabindranath Tagore International, clarifying the gravity of the circumstance, portrayed the tumor as a forceful one and could be dangerous.

“He has an extensive tumor including his eyes. He had no vision and we worked on his eyes. We have done our works and discovered a substantial tumor which can, lamentably, be a harmful tumor. He is still in the ventilator. Furthermore, we trust he turns out.” The Surgeon said.

Preceding his excursion to India for the medical procedure, Doctors it will take him about GHC 10, 000 to have a medical procedure done on the tumor. A GoFund was anyway set to help with the hospital expenses.


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