Critical Thinkers should analyse these To find the killer of Ahmed Husein-Suale ..Read More


Critical Thinkers should analyze these

1. Kennedy Agyapong made a public threat statement in June, 2018 against Ahmed, a purported member of Anas team, Tiger Eye Pi.

2. Anas, the CEO of Tiger Eye Pi, came to denied publicly that, he don’t know Ahmed on JoyFM

3. Two weeks ago, at the beginning of January 2019, Ahmed was sacked from Tiger Eye Pi as their worker
*Reason unknown*

4. Less than 10 hours after the death of this guy Ahmed, Anas came out with a video of Kennedy Agyapong showing Ahmed pictures on live television

5. Tiger Eye Pi’s lawyer said on Citynews a day after his death that, Ahmed was murdered last night when returning home from his office as a *worker* in their team(Tiger Eye PI)

6. In the morning of 17th January, 2019, Anas post video on his Facebook accusing Hon. Kennedy Agyapong of killing Ahmed.

*”Who Killed Ahmed”?*

Real killers will never give threat messages in public ~ Akan Proverb

“Those who guard their mouths and tongues keep themselves from calamity” ~ Proverbs 21:23


Let’s ask ourselves the following questions;

• When did the shooting happen?
• Who took Ahmed to hospital?
• Which police station was called?
• When did Anas come to the scene?
• When did he go back to do the videos?

• How long did he take to prepare that professional video with carefully chosen soundtracks and write-ups and why conclude on Ken Agyepong?

• What mood was he when he was preparing such a video few minutes after the murder of his right-hand man?



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