Brother Sammy arrested over sale of unapproved drugs


Gospel Musician, Brother Sammy has been captured by the Ashanti Regional Police to aid examinations over the selling of unapproved items via web-based networking media.

The items being promoted by the gospel artist and said to fix HIV/AIDS and other incessant illnesses have been censured by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) who have named those items as unregistered items available.

In an official statement marked by the Chief Executive Officer of FDA, Delese A.A.Darko, it was expressed completely that, the gospel artist has not been given any endorsement by his outfit to go into creation and selling of such items.

“The FDA wishes to educate the overall population that it has not enlisted any item for the fix of HIV/AIDS neither has any endorsement been given to the said Artiste for the creation and clearance of any FDA controlled item”, the announcement peruses.

The announcement further advised the open not to buy his items available and be cautious about medications they purchase.


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