Black Stars players received ‘appearance fee’ before AFCON – Dr Kofi Amoah


The leader of the Normalization Committee of the Ghana Football Association Dr Kofi Amoah has affirmed Black Stars players gotten their weight “appearance and inspiration charge” before the group’s takeoff for an outdoors base in Dubai.

The disclosure by the leader of the interval body, affirms’s production about the most recent move.

The nation’s driving football site, detailed that players scarred an underlying $23,000 as part-installment for their appearance expense before the group left for the inlet.

The players get a lot of the goods at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra after their goodbye meeting with Ghanaian pioneer Nana Akufo Addo.

In any case, true to form, authorities have denied strenuously, asserting the reports are wide off the imprint.

In any case, Normalization Committee manager Dr Kofi Amoah has quieted the questioning Thomases in the wake of affirming players got their “appearance and inspiration expense” in the Ghanaian capital, Accra.

“At the point when the leader of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo concluded that he was burnt out on the trickiness of the Africa Cup of Nations crown,” he told Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM

“He said why we haven’t won the title over the most recent 37 years. He assembled a conference at the Jubilee House.

“All the little seemingly insignificant details, the little irritations that yields up and make us lose center what not.

“The appearance expense and the inspiration cash and the majority of that were paid before they even left Ghana for the camp.

“We are engaged to move far from all the little, little petty, petty things that can bother the concentration and motivation of the players.

“So now the attention on the specialized capacities and physical continuance.”

A further $2.5m has been planned for 55 media work force who have been supported to the competition – an idea shrewdly intended to purchase their quietness to cover the pillaging of small state assets to subsidize the crusade that can possibly create the nation $4.5 million if the Black Stars win the trophy. This implies an obligation of $10 million will be wracked regardless of whether Ghana wins the title.

The champ of the AFCON trophy will bring home $4.5 million as prize cash.

Other participants will stash $2.5 million, semifinalists, $2 million and $800,000 for the quarter-finalists.

$475,000 will be for each group that will be dispensed with at the gathering stage, implying that every one of the nations contending at the competition will get in any event $735,000 each from prep cash and gathering stage profit.

Last release’s victor and shielding champions, Cameroon, got $4 million for winning in 2017.

Other participants, Egypt got $2 million, while Burkina Faso and Ghana, the two semifinalists, returned home with $1.5 million each.


Ghana’s assessed spending plans for three of the last four have been as per the following:

2012 – $5.5m

2015 – $5.8m

2017 – $3.4m


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