Ashaiman sex workers selling sperms of clients – Soldier blows alarm


A previous pimp who is presently a military officer has made a staggering disclosure regarding sex laborers in Ashaiman.

As indicated by him, whores in Ashaiman called “Tuutu line” utilize the sperms of their customers for ceremonies.

In a meeting located by on, the trooper uncovered that pimping has been his work since he was nonmilitary personnel out of which he made cash to pay his expenses and provided food for himself.

He uncovered that he turned into the companion to the majority of the whores at Ashaiman where he filled in as a bouncer who ensured customers did not mishandle the whores.

Nonetheless, the most stunning of his disclosure was that the sperms of customers were sold to fraudsters who use them for cash ceremonies.

In stun, the moderator asked how much the sperms are sold, and the previous pimp addressed saying, the base expense in a ‘CD’costs at least a thousand Ghana cedis.

Expounding further, he uncovered how on a few events he had been enlisted by his bosses at the military camp to pimp them with ladies in the houses of ill-repute.

Talking in Twi, he clarified that “prostitution is an exceptionally touchy zone which I am constantly worried about. Actually, I have been sending my bosses to that spot to engage in sexual relations with whores.

The Ashaiman Tuutu line is simply behind the police headquarters. In case you’re not cautious and you even have a quarrel with any of the whores, and you’re accounted for to the police, you’ll feel sorry.”

Inquired as to why the fraudsters required the sperms severely, he clarified that, “the misrepresentation young men use sperm to do customs to create cash. One of the extortion young men I addressed revealed to me that after your sperm is utilized for ceremonies, nothing will work for you once more. Indeed, even your accounts will be unpredictable. At the point when cash contacts your hand, you can’t utilize it for anything advantageous. After some time, when your sperm get utilized for quite a while, you may lose your life,” he included.


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