Asantehene is not God; that’s blasphemy – Yvonne Nelson fires Okyeame Kwame


Rapper Okyeame Kwame in eulogizing Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II has addressed him as “God” and actress Yvonne Nelson says that is blasphemy, therefore, he should respect “God” the creator and correct his mistake. Her comment quickly sparked a debate.

The two had a forward and backward underneath Okyeame Kwame’s post through the remarks session which is likewise pulled in different fans to share their perspectives on the notes made by the rapper and entertainer.

Peruse their collaborations beneath and disclose to us what you think.

Sharing a video of Osei Tutu II moving and clarifying his move moves, Okyeame Kwame composed:

“Watching the move cautiously, Nana is speaking with his motions, let me attempt and clarify.

He says the Left and Right is all mine. Everything meet up as a result of me, everything is mine.

It was given to me by God, I have territory on all things since I am a God. I am in God and God is in Me.

Glad Birthday, Otumfuo Osei Tutu Nyame Kese? we wish you longer life, harmony and thriving. May Otwediampon Kwame who lives in you duplicate your domains. Much thanks to you for appearing African how to live with PRIDE and AUTHORITY. You are ROYAL. Piaaaaaaaw.”

This Yvonne answered saying that “Pls right it!!!! he’s not God! With the capital G. There’s solitary one God!”

Responding to this, the rapper left a remark to the on-screen character saying that he purposefully composed it all things considered for a reason, and that further set off a long discussion. “@yvonnenelsongh it is deliberately composed that way. The Offspring of a lion is a lion. The offspring of God will be God.”

Ryn Roberts’ mom at that point contended that any individual who denies recognize there’s solitary one God with the capital “G” can stay in their numbness. “I’m sorry brother, go look at this one! That is disrespect. Any individual who figures generally can choose to remain in their obliviousness. We know the genuine G’ GOD.” She composed.

The Ghanaian artist returning with some book of scriptures stanzas to help his sentiment, expressed: “Sister Yvonne We all experience God in an unexpected way. None of Us can tell how the following Person should feel as well as get God. God is a piece of Us . He is Us. We are Him. U see when I was a child, I was informed that I am Man and God lives in Me. In any case, I have grown up to comprehend that no. The life in Me is only Gods dynamic power. So I am God and this body lives in Me. It’s not tied in with calling names ( numbness) it’s tied in with understanding and Perspective. Peruse Your Bible Well. Song John 10 30 [sic].”

“Sister Yvonne in view of the nearness of God in Man I think it is ill bred to allude to Man as a Small (god) since it reduces the God in Man. I would allude to a River as a little god or a god as a Small god yet Man is a Big God. Pls, ask Yourself Who thought of the idea of Small god and enormous God? What was their intention? Is it true that it was for separation or to lessen the Africans Idea of Her enormity? I adore Me. I know Me. God lives in Me. [sic]” Okyeame included.

Rapper Trigmatic additionally joined his idea, with a remark saying that “Without a doubt there’s solitary one God”, this Yvonne answered saying “Brother, I’m grinning. I’m glad we are in this spot”

Okyeame Kwame’s last remark to the forward and backward was “well U are correct. Individuals don’t comprehend that no one should drive their religion on others. We as a whole encounter God in an unexpected way. I trust the evidence speak for itself [sic]”.

Presently, share your musings with us. Do you concur with Okyeame Kwame or Yvonne Nelson?



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