Actor Prince David Osei attacks gays and lesbians


The discussions that concern the sort of right available to people of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender ) society in Ghana is one that is a complete taboo.

Despite the fact that some human right promoters in the nation accept there ought to be laws passed to make it legitimate in the nation, others, who have solid religious convictions are of the solid feeling that it is thought that the country’s chiefs ought not,, in any case,, consider, without a doubt.

One of such Ghanaians who feel it is idiotic for individuals of similar sex to mate is Ghanaian on-screen character, Prince David Osei. The entertainer has through his different social media handles assaulted Ghanaians who depict themselves as a piece of the LGBT society.

In a post located by on his Instagram handle, Prince David Osei expressed that he thinks that its awful that women and respectable men, who were brought into the world by their folks through sekz will choose to take part in closeness with a similar sexual orientation whiles they are extremely mindful they will never have the capacity to reproduce as their folks accomplished for them.

He advises such individuals decidedly to stop this garbage and ‘nkwasiasem’ (stupidity) in light of the fact that there is no ethical sense and avocation for this crazy conduct they are cheerfully setting up.

Look at Prince David Osei’s post beneath:


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