A chained man’s final moments before he was bludgeoned to death


A 43-year elderly person has been beaten to death by a crowd at Kade in the Eastern district in disagreement regarding the property.

The man, MacJames Appiah Mensah prominently called ‘Obolo’ kicked the bucket at the Kade emergency clinic Tuesday minutes after he was taken there blood-doused and his head squashed.

His sibling, MacWesley Appiah Mensah affirmed the disastrous episode to myjoyonline.com

He clarified his sibling’s demise was connected to a 12-year contest between his family and a nearby businessperson over a property.

A video demonstrates the 43-year elderly person stripped down to his shorts, beaten and wounded. He was likewise bound in chains and verified to press poles.

The perished was latched and regardless of his supplications for kindness, slammed with stones. His sibling stated a wooden handle of a pick-hatchet was utilized to pound him until it broke.

“In the event that you push your finger into his head, it will soak in”, MacWesley Mensah uncovered the terrible battering his sibling endured while bystanders watched, making close to weak supplications with his assailants to stop.

He was left amazing.

His sibling said he was called to the scene where he discovered him seriously battered with characteristics of the instruments of death all over his body.

As indicated by him, he needed to request keys to the lock from the proprietor of Be Kind stores to open his draining sibling.

As per him, the proprietor of Be Kind stores has not been captured. Two of his ‘young men’ were discharged under 24hours after they were captured.

Police have affirmed the occurrence and are researching the episode.

The group of the perished man gave subtleties of the disagreement regarding the properties. The property is a house with a column of stores behind it, rented to an agent, proprietor of an organization, Be Kind Ltd.

As per MacJames, the organization assumed control over the properties demanding the expired’s dad (who is likewise perished) had sold them by and large before he kicked the bucket in 2007.

‘Obolo’ who is the oldest in the group of four had been driving endeavors to recoup the properties.

He fell exceptionally sick in 2013 in what the family accepts was an otherworldly assault. He recuperated yet without an occupation, ‘Obolo’ fell in harsh occasions.

In his neediness, Obolo put his focus on the properties again and propelled a crisp push to recover them.

Tuesday morning before the Be Kind column of shops in Kade, Obolo was furnished with a blade which his sibling generally kept after he guaranteed he gets profound assaults.

A specialist of the business endured a cut all over after he attempted to incapacitate the man whose sibling says he was having an “ordinary discussion.”

The cut angered specialists of Be Kind organization who jumped on Obolo as the proprietor viewed on.

Obolo attempted to escape and bolted himself inside a house. Be that as it may, a savage crowd of specialists slammed down the entryways and recovered their objective.

They purportedly dispensed their own form of equity prompting his demise.


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