MenzGold saga: How Ghana’s designation to Dubai was scorned


The Herald has gotten a few subtleties on the US$51 million gold misrepresentation in which Dubai-based gold purchaser; Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC, which caused the capture and detainment of the proprietor of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah in Dubai and declined to hand him over to Ghanaian specialists.

This present paper’s data is that Daniel is amazing with associations with the decision group of Dubai, thus his lack of respect for Ghanaian specialists, who had gone there, promising to bring back the Menzgold manager false name NAM1.

Strangely, The Herald is informed that the Ghanaian appointment, couldn’t meet Daniel in Dubai, as he is accounted for to have gone out of the nation, since he would not like to get together with the assignment, announcing his availability to make Nana “decay in Dubai cells”.

In a scurry to give an alternate story, the appointment has declared that NAM 1, will come back to court in Dubai on February 2, 2019, yet strangely, the day is a Saturday, and the courts in Dubai don’t chip away on Saturdays.

This demonstrates the legislature, through the Police and Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) isn’t coming clean on the Menzgold adventure.

Once more, there are claims that Interpol is yet to catch NAM1 in its database as outlaw. This is on the grounds that, the genuine motivation behind why NAM 1 is in Dubai is known to numerous authorities in the administration, particularly the Flagstaff House, customary rulers, top legal counselors, the senior cops and EOCO among others.

Three senior authorities at EOCO, were referenced as holding an indispensable key. They incorporate the Executive Director, KK Amoah, one Bashiru and another by name Walter.

Legal advisor Fred Frimpong, caught as the Board Chairman of Menzgold, was additionally referenced, as approaching the riddle, aside Adentunji Adewoye Olorunfemi nom de plume Ade, as Charles Opoku-Darko nom de plume “Administrator”.

An Angolan by name Rodrigues Jose Gomes Maria moniker Zerka, is additionally referenced to have participated in the arrangement. He is recognized as specialist of Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC and got an offer of the goods which is keeping NAM in the Dubai cell. He has since fled from his managers.

Daniel is said to be a Palestinian situated in Dubai and had worked his way to the core of the House of Maktoum, running organizations for the family. In view of this, he can have his way around numerous things including overpowering access to the Dubai police.

The Herald is additionally informed that while in Ghana, the appointment driven by the Minister of State at National Security, Bryan Acheampong, was informed that Nana Appiah, was not going to be discharged to them, in any case, the assignment chose to bet fundamentally to demonstrate to the clients of the Menzgold that the Akufo-Addo government was taking care of the issue.

In front of the excursion to Dubai, Daniel, had scorned Ghana’s envoy to the United Arab Emirate (UAE), Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, by declining to talk with him on the arrival of NAM1, who is expected to twist the influx of the challenges clearing the nation over, because of the Menzgold adventure.

Insiders additionally told this paper, Daniel is actually holding NAM1 to emancipate, planning to get gold from him before he would give him a chance to leave Dubai.

This is on the grounds that, Daniel, trusts NAM 1, has gold in Ghana and keeping him in Dubai, will, in the long run, power him to fly the gold to Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC and gain his opportunity.

The appointment that returned home last Friday, got the Ghana Police Service and EOCO saying that the beset Menzgold CEO, may be accessible in Ghana, upon the conclusive assurance of his body of evidence in Dubai brought against him by Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC.

NAM1 is dealing with indictments of offense in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an announcement together marked by the police and EOCO has said.

As indicated by the announcement, NAM 1, would be made accessible to experts in Ghana, pending the result of the case in Dubai.

The announcement proceeded to demonstrate that the troubled CEO, has participated with experts that went to visit him in Dubai and has given them a broad articulation to aid their examinations concerning the Menzgold adventure for the essential move to be made.

The announcement was mutually marked by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) David Eklu, the Director-General of the Public Affairs Directorate of the Ghana Police Service and Mr. Abu Issah, acting Head of the Legal and Prosecution outfit of EOCO, and replicated to the Ghana News Agency.

“Mr. Mensah was participating with EOCO as a major aspect of its examinations concerning a conceivable rupture of Banks and Specialized Deposit-Taking Institution Act, 2016, (Act 930) as answered to it by the Bank of Ghana (BoG).

“Upon the breakdown of participation, EOCO utilized different systems, including the utilization of partners and working together with other security organizations to make him accessible for further examinations”.

It stated the Emirati specialist’s utilized comparative techniques in getting Mr Appiah Mensah to visit the UAE where, he was, along these lines, caught.

As indicated by the announcement, the assignment from Ghana went to Dubai to decide the idea of the lawful procedures against the blamed individual in the UAE and work on removal procedures to get him back to Ghana.

He is because of coming back to court in Dubai on February 2, 2019. Strangely, this day is a Saturday, and the courts in Dubai don’t deal with Saturday.



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